Vogelsang USA to Showcase CC-Mix Liquid Feeding System at Biogas Americas 2024

Vogelsang, the inventor of the rotary lobe pump with elastomer-coated lobes, will be highlighting its industry-leading Pre-Mix solid matter feeder at Biogas Americas, to be held May 13-16, 2024 at the Savannah Convention Center, in Savannah, Georgia, Booth #801.

Also on display will be the CC-Mix liquid feeding system for biogas applications; the heavy duty debris lift unit (DLU); and the low maintenance and low wear HiCone progressive cavity pump.

Visitors to the booth can see PreMix, the universal 4-in-1 solid matter feeder for cost-effective digester feeding. With the ability to mix a variety of solids with a liquid and mash it all to form a homogeneous organic suspension suitable for bacteria, PreMix is ideal for renewable resources, as well as such other input materials as pasty food waste, bulky crops or organic waste. Featuring a compact design, PreMix is easy to install and integrate into both new systems and existing biogas plant upgrades. Operators can flexibly make use of the most varied biomass, without requiring solid matter feeder parameter changes.

Also on display is the CC-Mix solid matter feeder, a cost-effective unit for renewable resources and solid matter. CC-Mix’s carefully thought out design mixes solid matter with the liquid suspension to form a homogeneous suspension. The CC-Mix requires only 11-15 kilowatts of power to create an ideally mashed organic suspension suitable for bacteria. It is a good choice for materials that can flow, including maize silage and grain waste, as well as other pasty input materials, such as fruit and vegetable waste, sugar beet pulp, or dry chicken manure. The integrated foreign matter separator holds back heavy material, avoiding damage to the unit. As the biomass is provided in a pumpable form, operators can feed several digesters from one CC-Mix unit.

Stop by the booth to see the Debris Lift Unit, which enables operators to automatically dispose of heavy material. With the DLU, no manual monitoring and interventions are necessary for handling foreign matter. Instead, heavy material discharged by the debris removal system is automatically transferred into a collecting vessel, so operators no longer need to manually remove small quantities of heavy material. The DLU can be combined with a wide variety of collecting vessels, and it is quick and easy to install or retrofit existing systems with a DLU.

The HiCone progressive cavity pump on display offers reduced life cycle costs, thanks to its long service life and lower energy consumption. The conical shape of the rotor and stator allows for precise adjustment, with no need for costly, time-consuming parts replacement, effectively multiplying the service life of the pump. If a gap develops between the rotor and stator due to wear, it can be compensated for during operation. The rotor is adjusted axially, bringing the progressive cavity pump back to as-new condition, ensuring constant conveying capacity with high efficiency. Instead of costly, time-consuming parts replacement, the HiCone can be simply and quickly readjusted, effectively increasing the device’s service life and significantly reducing downtimes for replacing worn parts in the solid matter feeding system.

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