The Magazine for Business Opportunities & International Markets.

The English-speaking GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine is dedicated to business opportunities in the recycling industry and informs the readership about the international recycling market. Thus, the magazine focuses on editorial coverage from the areas of international waste management, circular economy, and recycling industry. Nevertheless, the magazine does not disregard other topics such as waste paper, plastics as well as scrap and metal recycling. Additionally, every issue presents recycling processes, methods, and machinery.

Another of the magazine’s aims is to give more people access to these topics. Therefore, we attach great importance to distributing our publication at numerous international fairs, congresses, and conferences.

Apart from the visitors of these fairs, the readership of GLOBAL RECYCLING is made up of business owners, heads of departments, consultants, public authorities, and municipalities. Our readers especially appreciate the various topics, which are touched upon in every issue by us.

Accordingly, our magazine focuses in detail on the following topics: Circular Economy, Recycling Technology, Secondary Raw Materials, Recycling, Recycling Markets, Collection, Reuse, Waste Management, Industrial Waste, Automobile Recycling, Scrap, C&D Waste, Electronic Scrap Recycling, Screening Machines, Separators, E-Waste, Sorting, Separating, Splitters, Crushers, Shredders, Magnetic Separators, Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling, Plastic Recycling, Scrap Recycling, Waste Paper, Plastic Waste, Second Hand Clothing, Textile Waste, Tires, Hazardous Waste, Waste Processing Plants, Water Treatment, Waste Legislation and many more.

GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine appears three times per year (April, July, and October) and has a print run of 6.000 copies.

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