Battery recycling: Reckelberg Environmental Technologies and tozero announce partnership

In a forward-looking move to promote sustainable technologies, Bremerhaven-based Reckelberg Environmental Technologies (RET) and Munich-based startup tozero announced their strategic partnership. Representatives of the companies officially sealed the cooperation by signing a Letter of Intent (LoI) on Monday, March 18, 2024, in Munich.

The collaboration between RET, a system and component developer in the field of battery recycling, and tozero, a company specializing in the development of a hydrometallurgical process for processing black mass, marks a significant milestone in the battery recycling industry. The collaboration builds on successful joint trials in which RET processed battery material for tozero at its pilot plant facilities. The resulting Black Mass was then processed by tozero in the pilot plant and identified as one of the highest quality available on the market. Black Mass contains valuable metals that are critical for the production of new batteries.

Claas Reckelberg, founder and CEO of RET, and Sarah Fleischer, founder and CEO of tozero (Photo: RET Reckelberg Environmental Technologies GmbH)

The ceremonial signing of the LoI by Sarah Fleischer, founder and CEO of tozero, and Claas Reckelberg, founder and CEO of RET, was accompanied by a joint tour of tozero’s pilot plant. This supporting program underlined the importance of the cooperation and promoted the exchange between the teams of both companies.

The aim of the partnership is to closely coordinate and optimize the systems and processes of both companies in order to further increase the efficiency and sustainability of battery recycling across all process steps. RET will contribute its expertise in mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering, while tozero will utilize its chemical engineering and hydrometallurgical know-how as well as its innovative hydrometallurgical process.

Based on a black mass recovery rate of more than 98 per cent (with aluminum and copper impurities of 1% and less) through RET’s already developed and proven plant technology for the production of Black Mass and tozero’s established hydrometallurgical process with lithium recovery rates significantly above the 80 per cent required by the EU (for 2031), both companies together plan to further increase their already market-leading, overall efficiency.

RET and tozero are thus laying the foundations for pioneering partnerships and closely integrated collaborations between companies that specialize in the production of black mass and companies that specialize in the processing of black mass.

The collaboration is in line with the values of both companies, which place quality, community and, above all, sustainability at the heart of their missions. Through this collaboration, RET and tozero are actively contributing to closing the loop in battery production and making a decisive contribution to promoting a green and sustainable future.

Source: RET Reckelberg Environmental Technologies GmbH




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