Launch of the first metaverse for a Circular Economy

On September 17, on the occasion of World Cleanup Day 2022, EcoNation launches its first NFT collection to build the first metaverse for a Circular Economy.

The climate crisis is our greatest human challenge. We have three years to make a serious U-turn to curb our CO2 emissions. The establishment of a circular economy should play a central role in all areas of our lifes as it saves our natural resources and CO2 emissions on a high scale. The newest circularity gap report shows an alarming reality: Our take-make-waste economy consumes 100 billion tonnes of materials a year and wastes over 90%.[1]

Time to rethink and rebuild the economical relevance of sustainability and waste monetization by creating a green economy using newest technology and the power of Web3.

EcoNation is a gamified metaverse mapped to the real world, where everyone can come together to get rewarded by doing good for the planet, both in the real world and in Web3.

Further developed from the award winning open-beta app “The Fortunate Planet”, where user spot circular economy assets, map recycling stations or track their eco-friendly behavior to earn EcoCredits and trade them in a marketplace, EcoNation gives now ownership to the community with the first “Genesis Land NFTs”, to create a new breakthrough economy based on sustainability and governed by its community.

The first of totally five Genesis countries with 2222 pieces will be Switzerland.

NFT Land Mint: Saturday 17 September, Supply: 322 Land NFTs, Website:

[1] Source: (August 2022)

Source: Kummer:Umweltkommunikation GmbH / the fortunate planet ag




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