Quantron AG awarded high ESG rating along and ranked “very sustainable”

Sustainability report: Quantron AG has an excellent ESG rating and is a very sustainable business. Strong environmental management, high sustainability impact and top marks earned in other criteria.

The renowned Asset Impact analysis institute has awarded Quantron AG the rating “very sustainable”. For this, the company was subjected to a comprehensive auditing process.

Quantron AG was able to convince the judges in all categories including evaluation points such as Sustainability Impact, Transformation Capability and Sustainable Developments Goals. In the heavyweight category “Sustainability ESG: Ecological, Social, Governance” Quantron’s strong environmental management, tasked with the aim of reducing emissions and material consumption, was considered to be particularly positive.

The official conclusion of the evaluation is: “Quantron makes an important contribution to reaching the climate targets set by the European Green Deal and the Paris agreements. The company’s core business is focused on retrofitting and upgrading towards a green mobility transition. Moreover, the company is ambitious in minimizing environmental and social risks. In terms of ESG criteria, the company is partly solid and partly well positioned.“

Source: Quantron AG




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