Geminor starts export of French waste based on take-back furniture

The first shipment of French biogenic waste based on used furniture sailed from France to Denmark in mid-January.

“This is a fraction with high potential in the European Energy-from-Waste market,” explains Geminor Development manager in France, Kai Schöpwinkel.

The shipment of 2000 tonnes of CSR which left France bound for Denmark in mid-January, is the first of three loads to Scandinavian off-takers this winter season. The CSR fraction – “Combustible solide de recuperation” – is sorted waste based on wood and textile foam from take-back furniture. The treated and wrapped waste is 80 per cent biogenic and hence a promising fraction for energy recovery in several European markets. Kai Schöpwinkel: “This is a new and interesting fraction we develop in cooperation with a French partner. CSR based on take-back furniture is low in humidity, chlorine and contaminants – which makes it attractive even if the calorific value is relatively low. We believe this is a good alternative for many WtE plants – and cement producers in particular.”

This week, Geminor’s first truckload of French CSR is sent to off-takers in Spain. This is the beginning of a weekly export of 100 tonnes to a cement producer in the region – another promising export stream from France.

Market developments

A significant part of French waste still goes to landfill, but this is about to change, says Schöpwinkel: “There is a positive development at the moment in regards to better collecting and sorting of French waste. Now there is a focus on increasing the combustion capacity for energy recovery, and new WtE plants are being developed. Stricter requirements from the Government and the EU also give incentives to develop high-quality fractions such as CSR based on furniture. The goal is to reduce landfill by 50 percent in the next five years, which also will make France into a growing market for export.”

Since opening its office close to Toulouse in 2019, Geminor has been exporting French waste paper for recycling. CSR export will now take a bigger share of the total tonnage. “Covid is leading to a waste deficit in the European market, which now is contributing to the opening of new waste streams from France. We believe this is just the beginning of a growing waste export from this country,” concludes Kai Schöpwinkel.

Source: Geminor





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