Geminor France sends first shipment of RDF to Germany

Germinor’s first stream of Refuse-derived Fuel from France to Germany opened this month. „We are seeing an increasing interest in waste export in France, and more reluctance towards landfill,“ says CM for Geminor France, Kai Schöpwinkel.

The company reached a new milestone when the first RDF stream recently opened between France and Germany. The first truck, which passed the border containing 23 tonnes of waste for energy recovery, will be followed by five trucks weekly in the remainder of 2023. The project will send 5000 tonnes of RDF to EfW plants in Southern Germany in 2024.

„Even though this is a soft start, we are very enthusiastic to get our RDF stream running from France. This is now possible due to a bigger interest in waste export in France, in addition to a growing need for RDF in Germany. Simultaneously, we sense a growing reluctance towards sending waste to landfill in France,“ says Schöpwinkel.

With close to 60 nuclear plants, France is still a premature market when it comes to energy recovery. This opens for the export of different fractions. „A surplus of waste in the French market brings export potential, and we are working closely with our office in Germany to divert more waste from landfill to energy production. A French landfill tax is an incentive for more export, but public opinion is just as important. Waste producers are showing an interest in more sustainable offtake, even if this is in other parts of the EU,“ says Schöpwinkel.

The French market is developing

Earlier this year, the French office started the delivery of waste wood to Germany, sending three shipments of 1500 tonnes for EfW production in the neighboring country. The growing activity has led to the expansion of the French office outside of Bordeaux, which now also includes a logistics manager, bulk expert Stephanie Housieaux.

„All markets in Europe have cultural, industry and regulatory differences. France is Geminor’s newest market, and we need time to establish good relations and trust in this market. Our ambition is to build a strong team, work with more fractions, and assist in making France an integrated part of the European waste market,“ concludes Country Manager for Geminor France, Kai Schöpwinkel.

Source: Geminor




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