Sustainable waste management, renewable energy and sustainable transportation

Ecomondo & Key Energy Webinar: Connect, Talk & Share, Tuesday 14th July, 16:00- 17:30.

International cooperation on sustainable waste and waste water management and exploitation, renewable energy and sustainable transportation: The major priority areas of the European Green Deal include the circular bioeconomy, sustainable energy and transportation, in which Italy is playing prominent role. The main areas of Italian excellence will be presented during the webinar.

Chairman: Dott. Fabio Fava, President of Ecomondo Scientific Committee | Main priorities and role of Ecomondo in their implementation in Italy and the international level

With the participation of: Dott. Francesco Fatone, Polytechnic University of Ancona & Ecomondo Scientific committee | The industrial sustainable management water resources

Dott. Marco Ricci, CIC & Ecomondo Scientific Committee | The industrial sustainable valorization of organic waste

Dott. Danilo Bonato, Consortium Remedia General Manager | The Italian Circular Industry

Dott. Gianni Silvestrini, Kyoto Club & President of Key Energy Scientific committee | The renewable energy industry

Dott.ssa Veronica Aneris, Transport and Environment Manager Italy | Sustainable transportantion

Dott. Roberto Morabito, Director of ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) Department for Sustainability | Italian innovation actions in the circular economy

Dott. ssa Alessandra Astolfi, Group Brand Manager Italian Exhibition Group

The Connect, Talk & Share project

“Connect, Talk & Share” is a digital platform that enables a think tank of highly knowledgeable people to meet in a new working environment that incorporates social, technical and scientific dimensions. We want to give our business community the chance to take part in the creation of shared value by discussing initiatives, stories, knowledge, ideas and projects relating to the environment, energy and the new business models of the future.

Previous meetings of Connect, Talk & Share welcomed almost 5,000 registered users, approximately 70 per cent of which followed the webinars live or in live replay. The webinars covered issues relating to the Green Deal, the circular economy, mobility, utilities, bioindustry, sustainable development, water resources and renewable energies.


Source: Italian Exhibition Group (IEG)




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