New company will increase material recycling of waste wood in Norway

EMG is a company established in Norway to further develop material recycling of waste wood in the Nordics and Europe. The company’s first waste wood cargo was shipped from Norway to Scotland in early June.

EMG (Energy and Material Recovery) is established to develop new sorting and logistics solutions for waste wood, and will develop new wood fractions for energy recovery and material recycling in the European market. The company also aims to increase the recycling rate of waste wood, thus working to further develop a circular economy of wood in Europe. The three Norwegian holding companies – Geminor, Retura IR and Retura Ostfold – handle about 200,000 tonnes of waste wood per year.

Initially, EMG will gather waste wood at HUBs in Skogn, Bergen, Askim, Egersund and at Storoy outside the town of Haugesund. In these HUBs, fractions will be gathered and processed, explains CEO of EMG, Inge Raymond Langhelle: “We want to ensure high quality waste wood for material- and energy recovery, regardless of the offtaker and further production. By coordinating the deliveries and logistics solutions in the Norwegian market we will streamline waste flows all the way to offtakers both in the Nordics and Europe. EMG will also increase sorting and storage capacity in the market, which we know is appreciated by smaller players in the industry. The total package of services will be unique in a Nordic context.”

The majority of waste wood transported to Europe will be utilized in the production of panelboards. This is also the case for the first shipment conducted: A cargo of 2200 tonnes of treated waste wood arrived at Grangemouth in Scotland in the first week of June.

Will provide stability in a dynamic market

EMG will assist in creating security for both upstream and downstream customers over time, says Langhelle: “Waste wood from the Norwegian market has for some time mainly been utilized for energy recovery in Sweden. Stricter requirements regarding material recycling and other market elements has changed this picture. A dynamic market creates uncertainty for many industry suppliers, but we hope to better this situation by offering long-term solutions and more stability.”

Source: EMG AS

CEO of Retura IR, Petter Segtnan, is chairman of the board at the new company. He sees new opportunities for operations in a large geographical area, where big volumes can be transported to secure more efficient treatment: With the establishment of EMG we want to achieve better continuity of waste flows both upstream and downstream. In this way we can ensure our customers both sufficient volumes, new fractions and higher quality regardless of season.”

Source EMG AS





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