UK firm links up with European partner at major waste exhibition

A Birmingham company and one of Europe’s leading waste management operators will demonstrate their pioneering technology at a major exhibition.

Sotkon Underground Solutions – a household name on the Continent – and its exclusive UK partner adi Waste Systems, will attend the RWM Exhibition, Britain’s largest recycling and waste management conference. A sub-division of the nationally-recognised engineering firm adi Group, adi Waste Systems is the UK distributor of the innovative containers. Sotkon has already installed more than 34,000 of the large capacity 3m³ and 5m³ bins across Europe. They are used for municipal solid waste and operate on a smart data system, which means the bins send a message to local waste collectors when they are full. Additionally, the containers collect data about usage and can communicate with logistic systems to determine optimum routing.

Mark Burgess, adi Waste Systems’ MD, said: “As a group, we’ve always developed our wide-ranging solutions with sustainability front of mind, and our approach to waste management is no different. “Sotkon has developed a really innovative technology that not only looks great but also reduces our carbon footprint through high-tech sensors that only alert local authorities when needed. When a waste container is full and needs emptying, lorry operators can be notified remotely, without the need for visual inspection. They don’t need to be making multiple trips, therefore reducing the amount of fuel they consume and miles they undertake on the road. We are looking to reduce operating costs on a like-for-like basis by at least 25 per cent. These advantages really represent just the tip of the iceberg, and we’re hugely excited by the potential of the solution here in the UK.”

Together with Sotkon, adi Waste Systems aims to establish itself as a leader in the waste management market, with solutions that improve upon traditional domestic and street bin systems. The division designs, supplies and maintains high capacity underground and semi-underground waste solutions, with significant installations already here in the UK. This includes a North West Cambridge Development, which has been an expansion of facilities by the University of Cambridge. The project is part of an organic waste scheme at the institution, with 450 Sotkon units either already installed or planned in the near future. “At present, there’s a widespread lack of knowledge of the benefits these underground systems can bring,” added Mark. “But what we’re looking to do is formulate strong relationships with leading developers, like those at Cambridge, alongside local authorities and architects across the country, so that more towns and cities can build towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.”

The two firms are set to demonstrate their high-tech solution from stand T101 at the event, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham on September 11 and 12. Both Mark and Sotkon CEO Hélder Barbosa will be on hand to run through the numerous benefits of the system to attendees.

Source: Sotkon Underground Solutions




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