North Africa in the environmental context of Ecomondo and Key Energy 2019

The Mediterranean Sea, Blue Economy, Industry 4.0 are among the topics at the centre of the focus and insights on North Africa at the myriad of events scheduled at Ecomondo (23rd edition) and Key Energy (13th edition). The two expos of the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) will be held in Italy, at the Rimini expo centre, from 5 to 8 November 2019 and are leaders in the green economy and renewable energy source sectors, solutions for energy efficiency and smart cities.

Thanks to the support of high-profile scientific committees, chaired by Professor Fabio Fava (Ecomondo) and Mr. Gianni Silvestrini (Key Energy), among the top experts in their respective disciplines in Italy and abroad, the two expos are incubators of innovation for businesses.

At Ecomondo 2019 a meeting between Italy and Egypt organised in partnership with the Embassy of Italy in Cairo will be held, regarding sustainable development and green technologies; a session of meetings, seminars, and conferences on the treatment of water, waste and mobility following the first stage of the Ecomondo Business Forum which was successfully held last year in Egypt.

Opening the Key Energy expo will be „Renewable energy sources, efficiency and mobility in the context of the Energy and Climate Plan“, the international event on renewable energy sources and the evolution of sustainable electric mobility, involving influential experts such as Davide Crippa Vice-Secretary of Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), Professor Vittorio Chiesa Director, Energy Strategy Group of the Polytechnic of Milan, Federico Testa President of Enea, Roberto Moneta, CEO of GSE, Luigi Ferraris CEO of Terna, Alessandro Marangoni, CEO of Althesys.

The workshop „The Internationalisation of the Italian renewable energy sector in order to favour investments in Africa“ by Res4Africa & Res4Med will illustrate the prospects and opportunities regarding investment in Africa for private companies operating in the sector. The theme of the event is the integrated approach to development of sectors of energy, water and food in Africa and new financial instruments to accelerate investment in the renewable energy sector in Africa.

Among the events, there are also conventions organised by the Wind Europe Association, the wind energy association in Europe with over 400 active members in more than 35 countries. The meetings will develop upon issues related to the Proposal for an Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC) on the European front and on the development of the wind energy sector, starting from the importance of Italy in this context.

The program, which is constantly updated, is available at and

Source: Italian Exhibition Group S.P.A




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