Optimum Metal Recovery with Eriez at Metals Recycling Event 2018

From the 11th to 12th of July 2018, Eriez Europe will be exhibiting on stand Q1 at the Metals Recycling Event (MRE), at the NAEC in Stoneleigh, UK and discussing the importance of metals recycling in today’s economic climate.

Recycling Product Manager, Tristam Hubbard-Miles will be headlining the presentation titled, “Maintaining A Circular Economy: A Magnetic Solution for Efficient Zorba Recovery”. The presentation is motivated by the current global concern to improve resource efficiency, recycling materials and sustainable product design.

At present, the leading recycled metals are sourced from vehicles, packaging and electrical and electronic waste (WEEE), and involve complex separation procedures in order to recover the most valuable metals. In addition to the environmental benefits of metals recycling, increasing landfill fees and a rise in metal prices have encouraged the improvement of metals recovery.

Fully-operational ECS will be demonstrated

In response to market demands, Eriez conducted a study with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology to explore the means of obtaining greater rates of zorba through magnetic separation. Through extensive research, the “Rougher Cleaner Scavenger” (RCS) non-ferrous processing system has been developed, comprising three Eddy Current Separators (ECS) in a specific sequence, which offers 98 per cent high-grade zorba. At the first stage, the ECS is set to aggressively maximise the recovery of non-ferrous metals; the second ECS then recovers any zorba misplaced in the first stage; and the third ECS removes unwanted materials from the final zorba product. Material recirculation combines the rejected cleaner product and the recovered scavenger product to be reprocessed, ultimately leading to greater recovery.

At the show, a fully-operational ECS will be demonstrated and visitors to the stand are encouraged to bring their sample materials for testing. Eriez Europe celebrates 50 years of manufacturing excellence this year and offers an extensive range of recycling equipment, which includes overband magnets, magnetic pulleys, metal separators and magnetic drums. Recycling Product Manager, Tristam Hubbard-Miles comments: “Our sales into the recycling industry continue to grow very strongly, which is testament to the exceptional separation efficiency of our equipment and the high levels of service and support we give to our customers across Europe. MRE is the perfect platform to showcase our ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery solutions and we’re looking forward to presenting and exhibiting at the show.”

The presentation takes places on Day 2 of MRE at 11:25am within Brexit, Europe and the Circular Economy. For more information on Eriez‘ recycling equipment, visit stand Q1. A video shows how the Rougher Cleaner Scavenger system works.

Source: Eriez Magnetics Europe Limited




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