JEC World 2018 gathered the the whole composites industry in Paris

Paris, France — JEC World 2018 closed its doors on March 8th with a record increase in attendance resuming 3 days of vibrant networking and knowledge sharing. The event confirmed its leading position of JEC Group as number one organization for the promotion and development of the composites industry.

Indeed the show welcomed more than 1,300 exhibitors from every continents and counted more than 42,400 professional visits from 115 countries. “The ability of JEC Group to gather the whole composites industry under one roof over 3 days lies in the fact that we always initiate new precursory programs to the service of composites professionals”, sayd Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President &CEO. “This year we initiated new programs, for instance the Composite Challenge allowing 10 PhD students to pitch their thesis in front of the industry, thus facilitating connections between students and industrialists. In the same spirit, we increased in power our Start Up Booster and Innovation Award Programs to accelerate relations between young or innovative companies with investors or established enterprises.“

Astonishing futuristic products discovered

The event also introduced one new planet called “Make it Real” along with the aero, auto and construction planets. Frédérique Mutel: „In this planet, we could discover astonishing futuristic products for example the Aeromobil, a flying car that would revolutionize urban transportation in the near future. We launched our new book on natural fibers: flax and hemp. We had strong communications on composites environmental input and recycling.”

The event was the first event to promote and host the new “French Fab”, a French government initiative to internationally promote the French industry and manufacture. Also, JEC World welcomed the visit of thew French Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Delphine Gény-Stephann, that demonstrates the growing role of composites in the industry.

Inspiring keynotes to foster composites disruption

Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop opened the startup booster ceremony by supporting the spirit of ingenuity in the Industry. Dayton Horvath, industry expert and consultant in additive manufacturing presented his vision of how to apply artificial intelligence to composite materials and manufacturing. Finally, Yves Rossy, the “jetman” using the latest carbon-fiber wings for flight introduced the JEC Innovation awards ceremony, motivating the audience to pursue their dreams and explaining how composites could made his dreams come true.

A first at the show this year was the introduction of the public votes to elect their favorite projects among two JEC programs promoting innovation. “The goal to create the ‚public choice awards‘ was to involve and embark our community to make their innovation loud. Our vision at JEC is to demonstrate and to make understand towards a broader scope the vast range of possibilities that composite materials offer.” comments Ms. Anne-Manuèle Hébert, Director for JEC World and European Events for JEC Group.

The public choice award for startup booster went to Inca-Fiber (Germany) with 62 percent of the 2,221 votes. The public choice award for JEC innovation awards went to AeroComposit JSC (Russia) for infusion technology for an aircraft wing, gaining 2 percent of the 4,126 votes.

Source: JEC Group / Agence Apocope




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