Ecomondo 2019 – confirmed as an indispensable appointment for business

A real Ecomondo (Eco-world) is represented by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) for four days at Rimini Expo Centre. An event that the market has confirmed as an indispensable appointment for business, with indisputable advantages for the companies taking part. This is also thanks to the organizing ability of IEG, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange’s MTA and the attention it has paid to environmental issues for twenty years.

In fact, Ecomondo, the great circular economy expo, closed along with Key Energy, with the enterprises of the renewable energy and energy efficiency chain, the biennial Sal.Ve., with its waste vehicles, and the debuting DPE, spotlighting energy power. 1,300 companies occupied the 129,000 square metres of Rimini expo centre, supported by an intense interested demand, also ensured by thousands of foreign buyers, over 500 of whom were profiled on the online platform, arrived in Rimini from 130 countries and were accredited at the business meetings scheduled with companies exhibiting at the expos. Italian Exhibition Group reports a rise of 24% in the participation of international industry/trade members compared to 2018. “An exceptional, even surprising, edition” was exhibitors’ unanimous opinion. IEG thus confirms its role as an expo player able to multiply companies’ foreign business.

High international profile

The expos, inaugurated on Tuesday by the Minister for the Environment Sergio Costa, began with an elating opinion, “This is the world’s most important expo for the green economy, it is in Italy and our country has excellent technology and the knowledge necessary for modifying behaviour and processes.” Along with the Minister, a large delegation of the Government and the Parliament took part in the expo days and met enterprises for discussions that were profitable from both a policy and operational point of view.

The international profile was very high. The expos host an Italy-Egypt Business Forum, the next edition was announced of the CDEPE – Chengdu Environmental Protection Expo, being held in 2020 in China with a delegation of industries, and an operational collaboration agreement was signed with other exhibitions. Worth emphasizing was the European Commission’s choice of Ecomondo to present its lines of financing and the most virtuous projects connected with them. Internationality was a feature of all the events, with speakers and contents on the most advanced experiences, at the disposal of enterprises and their development strategies.

There were numerous delegations of foreign industry/trade members, in particular from Tunisia, Spain, Egypt, Ukraine and Russia, and group participations resulting from 34 agreements signed with international associations, which arrived mainly from countries overlooking the Mediterranean, but also from Finland, Chile, Brazil, Romania and Poland.

The industrial system has acknowledged the role of Ecomondo, Key Energy, Sal.Ve and DPE as a platform able to gather business and on which all the major players operate. The contents were assessed as being under the banner of concreteness. Technology, scenarios and trends stood out at the expos, highlighted by the effective contribution of the States General of the Green Economy, which involves 66 business organizations.

Great satisfaction was also expressed by the trade/industry members connected with Key Energy, the strong point of which is the very rich offer linked with renewable energies, shortly to be featured in the definitive National Energy and Climate Plan. The central role is also accentuated by the possibility of networking on extremely topical issues that currently animate political and economic debate, creating opportunities for discussion between administration and enterprises to find solutions to the problems.

Italian Exhibition Group’s international expos also ended with a notable success with the media: 520 Italian and foreign journalists were accredited, and there were over 1,200 reports by the media over the last eight days. Lastly, confirmation arrived at Ecomondo and Key Energy of the absolute value of the program of international profile conferences, which contributed to high-level debates as far as both contents and participation were concerned.

The next editions of Ecomondo and Key Energy will be held at Rimini Expo Centre from  November 3rd to 6th 2020.

Source: Italian Exhibition Group (IEG)





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