Luis Seguí, appointed as the new CEO of Picvisa

Picvisa, a leading company in technological solutions for material classification and recycling, announces a significant change in its executive team.

Luis Seguí, current Managing Director and co-founder of Picvisa who has led the sales and development team in recent years, will assume the position of CEO to lead the company into a new phase of growth.

Since its integration into the Calaf Group in 2012, Picvisa has experienced remarkable growth, consolidating its position in the recycling and classification technologies market. In 2024, the company welcomed Eldan Recycling as a new partner, marking an important milestone in its expansion and international collaboration journey.

Luis Seguí (Photo: Picvisa)

Luis Seguí, the new CEO, has been a key figure in the founding and development of Picvisa. His vision and leadership have been fundamental to the company’s continuous innovation and success.

Joan Manel Casamitjana, who has successfully and dedicatedly led the company, will take on the role of Director of Circular Economy at Calaf Constructora. In his new role, Casamitjana will focus on developing a new business model based on construction-generated waste, a crucial issue for society and the business group.

This change in leadership reinforces the commitment of Calaf Group and Picvisa to innovation and sustainability, aligning with their core values and mission to lead in the recycling technology sector. The company will continue developing advanced solutions for material classification and recycling, supported by its solid executive team and the trust of its partners and clients.

Source: Picvisa




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