Picvisa to Present Key Innovations at IFAT Munich 2024:

Reuser and Ecoflake, the Future of Textile and Plastic Recycling

Within the framework of IFAT Munich 2024, the global summit for waste and resource management, Picvisa positions itself at the forefront of the sector with the launch of disruptive solutions in waste classification and recycling: the Reuser prototype for textiles and the innovative Ecoflake system for plastics.

Reuser: Transforming Textile Recycling with Artificial Intelligence

Picvisa introduces Reuser, a pioneering system designed to revolutionize the recovery of used textiles, thus supporting the second-hand market. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Reuser classifies garments with unprecedented precision, identifying specific typologies such as skirts, shirts, trousers, and socks. This detailed classification not only allows for greater efficiency in recycling but also extends the life cycle of textiles, aligning with the principles of the circular economy.

Ecoflake: Advanced Technology for Plastic Recycling

The Ecoflake system emerges as an advanced technological solution to the challenge of separating plastic flakes with unprecedented precision and efficiency. Using high-definition CMOS RGB cameras along with NIR technology, Ecoflake achieves detailed classification by color, transparency, and composition of materials. Designed to meet the needs of the plastic recycling industry, Ecoflake marks a turning point towards more sustainable processes with less environmental impact.

A Commitment to the Future of the Planet

The presence of Picvisa at IFAT Munich 2024 not only demonstrates its leadership in technological innovation applied to recycling but also its commitment to sustainable development. As the first optical sorting company to obtain B Corp certification, Picvisahighlights its effort to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and corporate responsibility.

Picvisa’s stand will be located in Hall B6, stand no. 301.

About Picvisa Machine Vision Systems

As an integral part of Calaf Grup, Picvisa has a 20-year history of leading the field in optical separation technology, offering advanced solutions in more than 16 countries. Their commitment to sustainability and technological advancement has positioned them at the forefront of the recycling technology sector.

Source: Picvisa




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