RecyClass to pave the way for plastic recyclability in electrical, electronic & automotive sectors

RecyClass extends its scope to encompass plastic components used in electrical, electronic, and automotive applications, following the successful implementation of its Design for Recycling Guidelines and Recyclability Evaluation Protocols for the packaging industry. [1]

“Drawing upon a decade of expertise and experience on plastic packaging, RecyClass is poised to drive innovation within the electrical, electronic and automotive industries with the support of the entire plastic value chain,” declared Paolo Glerean, Chairman of RecyClass.

Anticipating upcoming European regulations on the recyclability of plastics in electrical and electronic products and vehicles, RecyClass demonstrates proactive leadership by staying ahead of these changes.

“We are committed to assisting these industries in developing Design for Recycling Guidelines and Recyclability Evaluation Protocols for the plastics components of their products, ensuring alignment with European recycling processes. Our focus will be on polymers including PS, ABS, PP, and PE, among others,” added Paolo Glerean.

RecyClass calls upon stakeholders from across the value chain to participate in the initiative. Companies within the electrical, electronic, and automotive sectors eager to actively contribute to plastic circularity and drive positive changes are encouraged to reach out to the RecyClass team. [2]

Source: RecyClass

[1] Access RecyClass Methodology via this link
[2] Contact the RecyClass team at or join us as a Member or Supporter




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