THM Recycling Solutions Introduces New PG Power Granulator to the Market

THM Recycling Solutions is launching the PG Power Granulator, a new generation of modern, highly powerful granulators that meets the latest technological standards. The successor to the proven ZM machine series shares the same high robustness and features lower maintenance costs, higher throughput capacities, easier handling, and reduced space requirements.

The PG Power Granulator replaces THM Recycling Solutions‘ ZM machine series, which has proven its efficiency worldwide in the shredding of metals and other materials such as cable scrap, plastic waste, etc. The new granulator incorporates thoughtful features that facilitate easier maintenance and operation, as well as increased throughput performance.

Four sieve segments

A significant new feature of the PG Power Granulator is the use of four sieve segments instead of a single, heavy standard sieve, as found in the ZM series. These sieve segments are lighter and easier to replace than a continuous sieve basket. In case of damage to the sieve, only the affected sieve segment needs replacement, not the entire sieve basket, resulting in optimized maintenance costs.

Another new feature is the hydraulically swiveling sieve basket. Previously, with the ZM Granulator, when changing the heavy sieve, the discharge unit had to be removed for assembly and disassembly, requiring at least two people and a transport trolley. The hydraulically swiveling sieve basket and easily manageable sieve segments eliminate this effort, accelerating and simplifying maintenance while reducing maintenance costs.

Larger inlet opening

The new PG Power Granulator (Photo: THM Recycling Solutions)

THM Recycling Solutions has equipped the PG Power Granulator with a larger inlet opening to increase throughput performance by accommodating more material. Additionally, the PG Power Granulator has sleeker dimensions compared to the ZM machine series, requiring less space and facilitating better integration into overall systems.

The new PG machine series can be ordered from THM Recycling Solutions starting January 2024. We will also be presenting the PG Power Granulator to the public at the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies IFAT in Munich in May: Hall B6, Booth 421.

About THM Recycling Solutions

THM Recycling Solutions GmbH is a sales company of Maschinenbau Ehehalt GmbH from Eppingen-Mühlbach (Baden-Württemberg), a company with over 30 years of expertise in recycling machine manufacturing and over 1,000 installed recycling machines worldwide. The product portfolio includes robust granulators, cross-flow shredders, cutting mills, hammer mills, and pre-shredders. The machines are used in the processing of electronic and electrical waste, refrigerators, cables, metal composites and chips, used tires, oil filters, substitute fuels, and biomass. An extensive service offering completes the range of services:

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