Combineering A/S: 25 Years with Circular Economy

On 1 April, Lars Vedel Jørgensen celebrated his 25th anniversary at Combineering A/S i Birkerød. By agreement with the previous owner, Lars, together with Mads Prag Roesen, took over Combineering in a management buy-out in 2006.

Lars Vedel Jørgensen is a qualified civil engineer (chemistry), graduating from DTU in 1978, and is presently Senior Vice President R&D for Combineering Group, as well as being Chairman of the Board.

Recycling of industrial waste products
Combineering A/S specializes in the recycling and innovative development of industrial waste products. Combineering has been doing this since 1982. This sector has become much more visible since it was renamed “circular economy”.

Lars’ goal with the purchase of Combineering A/S was to expand the company so that it became active throughout most of Europe and to work with all the major, heavy industry sectors. This goal was achieved and, today, Combineering is a rapidly growing company in a long list of countries and business sectors.

Practical recycling expert
Today, Lars is one of the leading experts in the field of the practical recycling of industrial waste products and alternative energy. Lars also has extensive experience in the field of climate adaptation and is an active participant in the debate with politicians and experts.
What characterizes the jubilarian is the solution-oriented outreach work and high level of personal drive, curiosity and the ability to see opportunities in any problem – and not least, the ability to find a good idea and envisage it in a broader context.

The high level of drive and activity also characterizes Lars’ leisure time. He is an extremely active orienteering runner and former chairman of Farum Orienteringsklub in addition to being a nature lover.

When possible, and as soon as the great challenge of our time, Covid-19, allows, Lars loves traveling with his family comprising of his wife, three grown-up daughters and grandchildren. The trips take them to either their remote Swedish farm, their Norwegian cross-country skiing paradise or destinations around the world where they can experience the wonders of nature. Lars loves the role of grandfather and the fact that he can pass on his extensive knowledge of nature and the environment to his grandchildren.

Source: Combineering A/S





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