Nouveau Monde announces appointment of Dr. Jürgen Köhler

Nouveau Monde Graphite is proud to announce the appointment to its Board of Dr. Jürgen Köhler effective April 1, 2021.

Dr. Köhler was formerly the CEO of SGL Carbon, one of the world’s leading advanced graphite materials companies. Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, he was responsible for approximately 5,000 employees and over 30 operating plants globally. SGL Carbon is a supplier of graphite and composite materials for the automotive, aerospace, solar, wind energy industries, as well as for manufacturers of semiconductors, LEDs, and lithium-ion batteries. Before becoming the CEO of SGL Carbon, he worked for more than a decade as a senior chemical engineer and Department Leader for the company. Among his many roles, he was responsible for building and operating advanced graphite materials plants in Europe, North America and Asia.

Before his time at SGL Carbon, Dr. Köhler worked in the United States for Celanese Corporation as the Director for Manufacturing & Technology. Before that, he worked as a chemical engineer at Hoechst AG, in Frankfurt. Dr. Köhler earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with “summa cum laude” from the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Arne H. Frandsen, Chairman of Nouveau Monde commented: “On behalf of the Board, I am delighted to welcome Jürgen to the Nouveau Monde team. He is one of the world’s formost experts in advanced graphite based materials. To have his experience in building and operating advanced materials plants, will be an important addition to our team. He has been on the forefront of our sector for many years. Jürgen’s knowledge of the graphite and battery anode material supply chains, as well as his familiarity with the senior management of the world’s leading auto makers – our potential future customers – will be of great value for Nouveau Monde, as we execute on our strategy to become the Western World’s largest fully-integrated producer of lithium-ion battery anode material for the clean energy transition.”

Eric Desaulniers, the Company’s CEO, stated: “I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Köhler to the team. As we advance with the construction of our Phase 1 battery anode material facility, targeted to be commissioned in Q1-2022, Jürgen’s experience in building and operating similar projects and commercializing advanced graphite material will be invaluable for Nouveau Monde. I am very excited about the prospects of Jürgen also providing executive expertise to the team.”

About Nouveau Monde

Nouveau Monde is striving to become a key contributor to the sustainable energy revolution. The Company is working towards developing a fully-integrated source of green battery anode material in Québec, Canada. Targeting commercial operations by 2023, the Company is developing advanced carbon-neutral graphite-based material solutions for the growing lithium-ion and fuel cell markets. With low-cost operations and enviable ESG standards, Nouveau Monde aspires to become a strategic supplier to the world’s leading battery and automobile manufacturers, providing high performing and reliable advanced materials while promoting sustainability and supply chain traceability.

Source: Nouveau Monde Graphite




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