Forrec: New Recycling Systems for Refrigerators

Forrec designs and manufactures customised systems for the correct treatment of WEEE in the R1 category (refrigeration and air conditioning appliances) and R2 (large domestic appliances).

Forrec has recently designed and produced a new plant which allows the possibility of treating up to 120 refrigerators in one hour with a single line. This new recycling system for refrigerators has been successfully installed and tested in two French cities: Chambery and Bordeaux.

The new recycling plants for refrigerators provide a semi-automatic refrigeration detection system in the first part of the line. This system allows to divide the appliances by size, weight and type of gas contained. The incoming flow can be recorded and counted so as to completely respect the Weeelabex standard, which includes: emission limits, registration of treatments and quality of cleaning of the output product.

The plants produced by Forrec have zero environmental impact and are designed to guarantee:

  • control of dust from grinding
  • air flow control
  • soundproofing of components
  • recovery of hazardous gases

One of the most important features of these plants is the correct treatment of hazardous gas in refrigerators. The recycling systems produced by Forrec is specifically designed for the treatment of refrigerators. The system allows, in fact, the correct disposal of refrigerators, which is carefully treated because of the presence of refrigerants harmful to the atmosphere (e.g. CFC, R21, R22 and R600).

Forrec’s recycling systems for refrigerators are made up of different machines: granulators, four-shaft shredders and primary double shaft shredders. Each one of these machines is designed to fulfil a specific step of waste disposal and allows the following materials to be recovered: iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics and polyurethane.

Moreover, the line management costs of the recycling plant are significantly reduced and the system has been designed for very high efficiency: it respects 100% of all regulations about the protection of the environment (emissions and quality of the output product).

Forrec will take part at eREC 2020 the digital expo for the recycling industry. Use the following link to sign up as a visitor for eREC 2020. After that, you have free access to the the program and you can sign up for Forrec’s Webinar about “The Right Steps to a Profitable Recycling Technology”:

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