Inventhor 6.2: Doppstadt presents future-proof shredding solution at IFAT Munich

Economical and future-proof: With the Inventhor 6.2, Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH is presenting its latest model in the Inventhor series at IFAT from 13 to 17 May. The innovative solution builds on the success of the long-established Inventhor models 6 and 9 and promises even greater efficiency and user-friendliness.

First launched in 2018, the Inventhor series has since impressed customers around the world with its performance and flexibility. The launch of the Inventhor 6.2 marks further progress in this successful product line. Doppstadt presented the latest product variant for the first time at the company’s own trade fair in the summer of 2023. The new machine was very well received and it soon became clear that the Inventhor 6.2 would be an integral part of the company’s presence at IFAT Munich.

The shredder is up to any current and future shredding task as a stand-alone machine, in combination with the Selector 800.2 or with the new „DoppBasket“ basket system. Equipped with an optimized hopper, the machine enables even more user-friendly loading by wheel loader or excavator. „We have extended the filling area from 2.2 to 3.3 meters, increasing the hopper volume from five to eight cubic meters,“ explains Dominik Niehaus, Product Manager at Doppstadt. „Operators can now even move a wide wheel loader bucket down to the shredding teeth. This allows the machine to be loaded optimally and, above all, easily.“

Maximum efficiency with „DoppBasket“ system and electrified drive

The newly developed „DoppBasket“ basket system makes the Inventhor 6.2 even more versatile. With little investment, customers can shred their material to a defined target grain size in one single pass. „With our basket system, customers remain flexible,“ says Niehaus. „If their requirements change, they can quickly change to a different basket or simply continue working without a basket.“ Doppstadt will be presenting its Inventhor with electrified drive at IFAT. This is an enormous savings factor for customers, as the costs for electricity are lower than those for regular diesel. Electrification also makes a noticeable difference in terms of maintenance costs.

Live operation at IFAT

Visitors to the VDMA area will be able to experience the Inventhor 6.2 with basket system in the processing of waste wood. The 3D basket is used to reduce unwanted oversizes and maintain quality and throughput. Doppstadt will also be presenting other innovative processing solutions, including the AK, which is characterized by its wide and expandable range of applications. In addition to the presentation of the machines, Doppstadt will be focusing on a close exchange with its customers. The expert in processing solutions wants to find out more about their needs in a dedicated room. „Constructive discussions with our customers are important to us,“ says Niehaus. „Through close dialogue, we ensure that we know and understand the needs and requirements of the industry and offer solutions as quickly as possible.“

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