Stena Aluminium joins Polestar 0 project as a development partner

The Polestar 0 project aims to create a completely climate-neutral car by 2030, which means that all sources of carbon emissions throughout the supply chain must be eliminated. As partners, Stena Aluminium and Polestar will develop a commercially viable recycled aluminium alloy produced without carbon emissions.

Already today the alloys produced by Stena Aluminium has a low carbon footprint with an average of 0.7 tonnes of carbon emissions per tonne of aluminium produced. The aim with the partnership is to be able to produce an alloy with zero carbon footprint, which Polestar can use in the production of a completely climate neutral car.

”The Polestar 0 project is in line with Stena’s ambitions and strategies within sustainability. It’s of great advantage that Stena and Polestar as well as other partners cooperate in our common efforts to eliminate carbon emissions. Since our aim is to find climate neutral ways to produce a product, it’s likely that more partners will be engaged. The emissions do not only stem from the processes of Stena but also earlier in the supply chain,” says Erik Petré, Head of sales and purchasing at Stena Aluminium.

„The Polestar 0 project is all about pushing the boundaries of sustainable transportation, and we are constantly on the lookout for partners who share our vision and commitment to this goal. That is why we are happy to welcome Stena Aluminium as a new partner on this project. Their knowledge in recycled aluminium is an important factor in ensuring that materials can be reused, making them a great fit for the Polestar 0 project as we work towards our goal of reducing greenhouse gases to zero,“ says Hans Pehrson, Head of the Polestar 0 project.

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Source: Stena Aluminium




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