Ukraine: Statement by BIR President Tom Bird

First, as a citizen of the world, let me express my shock, concerns and anger regarding the conflict in Ukraine and I hope, as I am sure we all do, that peace will eventually prevail; although at the moment peace seems far away.My thoughts at this time are with the innocent civilians on both sides of this war.

As President of BIR, my thoughts also go to our BIR members, industry media and business partners in Ukraine. It is way too early to understand and measure the magnitude of the present situation, the long term consequences in Ukraine and the subsequent impact at global level. We already see that stock markets are under pressure, and this will no doubt reflect on the global economy.

We are just emerging from two years of pandemic from which our industry suffered but prevailed. We now have another challenge in front of us. Let us monitor the situation and how it evolves and rest assured BIR will do everything possible to provide our members the appropriate support in these difficult times.

Source: Bureau of International Recycling (BIR)





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