Cedo announces plans of expansion of its recycling capability

The investment will more than double the capacity for recycling of flexible plastic films before 2024, informs the company.

“We are delighted to share the news with our industry and hope that this move will stronghold our position as the biggest recycler of flexible plastic films in Europe. The second stage of the expansion project has now been approved by our shareholder, Straco, with negotiations well under way with technology providers and architects, among others,” said Rik De Vos, CEO of Cedo.

In Europe it is estimated that only one third of PE flexible film waste is sent for recycling. Increasing the recycling capacity together with establishment of well-functioning extended producer responsibility schemes would help reap the benefits and opportunities of this market. Specialized in recycling of household, commercial, agricultural, as well as industrial flexible plastic waste, Cedo is committed to just that. For more than 40 years, Cedo has worked tirelessly to prove that high-quality plastics recycling is possible, even for hard-to-recycle plastic waste such as household plastic films.

“This expansion is the right step towards achieving the full plastics circularity, and I am confident it will contribute significantly towards the achievement of the targets and commitments set on the European market, as well as globally,” commented Ton Emans, Group Director Recycling at Cedo. “This move would further accelerate the efforts of treating the waste locally and putting a halt to unregulated waste exports,” he added.

“With this expansion, we want to show the industry that green investments are the future. We remain committed to moving the needle and advancing the progress towards a climate-neutral Europe” stated by Maarten Peers Director Private Equity of Straco.

Recycling is just one of the steps in the progress, and value-chain collaboration is key to improve the efficiency of our waste management systems, which would result in more refined streams and therefore a higher quality of recycled products.

Source: Cedo




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