The Successful Launch of the new Marketplace

The online marketplace for recycling, demolition and construction equipment aims at connecting scrappers and the demolition and construction industry with the world’s largest selection of used and new machines. Julien Jean, together with a group of several European industrialists involved in the recycling, demolition and construction sector, launched the project in August 2018 and the platform was officially put online at the end of April 2019.


What was the initial idea behind creating an online marketplace for recycling, demolition and construction?
The initiators of the project are directly involved in the recycling, demolition and construction environment and thus realized that a critical point often emerged: There is no marketplace dedicated to recycling, demolition and construction equipment. However, the used machinery market is of primary importance for professionals in the sector, both for equipment vendors and users. Most sales of new equipment come to an end if the „old“ is taken over or sold.

Thus, the idea was born: put online an efficient marketplace focussing on recycling, demolition and construction. Furthermore, sellers and buyers of equipment can „exchange“ their different machines. The project was launched in August 2018, but the platform was officially put online at the end of April 2019. We wanted to take the time to have a functional tool where users would find it directly.

How does the platform work?
The principle is simple: equipment sellers place their machines for sale on the platform, in a chosen category, and add all the information they consider interesting for potential buyers (model, year of production, price, condition of the machine, etc.). As for potential buyers, they have only to „make their market“ and contact the seller when an announcement interests them, without any commitment, of course.

Which machines are accepted and which ones are rejected?
Our four major categories of equipment are shearing presses, shredders, excavators, and handling equipment. There are, of course, other categories such as paper presses, waste, wheel loaders, etc. All recycling, demolition or construction specialists can find their account.


How do you guarantee the equipment’s condition or the payment?
This is a platform for connecting sellers and buyers in the sector, we do not guarantee the material, and we have no overview of the final sales price or the possible agreements between the seller and the buyer.

How is the website currently financed?
Since posting is free, we intend, as a first step, to fund our platform via a mediakit (to get the customer’s logo on several pages and a link that redirects to their own site) to manufacturers and resellers.

How many machines are currently for sale?
After one month, we already have more than 500 machines online.

How many people work for and what is the company’s turnover?
I am the manager of the company, which is based in Luxembourg, and I work closely with four to five developers as well as designers daily. I have to be accountable every day to investors who are very familiar with the three target sectors and who are leading me in the strategic choices. As the platform is in the „promotional“ phase, there are currently no sales figures.

What are your plans for the future?
We want to become quickly the world reference in the three sectors mentioned above. Then we will see how we can improve the platform to satisfy sellers and buyers around the world.

Some Data (UPDATE 18 September):
Amount of visit per month: 25.000
Amount of machinery: 500
Instagram Account: myscrapmachine (currently 1842 follower)

Source: / Julien Jean




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