Recycled plastics: MikaCycle turns to popular crowdfunding

MikaCycle Marketplace is the online platform for sourcing quality, ethical, and reliable recycled plastics. It aims to create a sustainable ecosystem that improves the circularity of plastic by using digital technologies that surpass the current techniques. To support its development, MikaCycle is launching a promising crowdfunding campaign.

The global dependence on plastic is dramatically increasing year after year. At the same time, recycled plastic reveals considerable growth driven mainly by the increase in the demand deriving from the environmental concerns of consumers, politics, and legislation. It’s time to make global supply chains traceable, ethical, and sustainable if we want to recycle more than 9 per cent of plastic waste globally.

MikaCycle has already identified that trend and introduced an online platform to link plastic waste suppliers, plastic recyclers, polymer manufacturers, and consumer goods companies together into a closed-loop plastic waste recycling ecosystem. As Najlaa El Abbassi, Founder of MikaCycle, emphasizes: “We have developed a superior marketplace that provides trading services for recycled plastic manufacturers, brands, traders, and collectors. It incorporates sampling, secure payments, and access to verified and vetted suppliers of recycled plastic. So far, we have over 200 companies registered and using our marketplace.”

Moving forward, the MikaCycle Circularity Platform will capitalize on current audit-based methods and Blockchain technology to certify proof of origin and material value to address the challenges. The more visibility a company has in any supply chain, the more it can engage in enterprise resource planning, including pricing, purchasing decisions, and inventory management, which has a direct impact on protecting the margins and, ultimately, the value creation. MikaCycle also aims to create employment for the marginalized, and any individual who would need to monetize the plastic waste collected using the blockchain.

To support the development of the platform, MikaCycle is introducing an interesting crowdfunding campaign. Potential funders will benefit from large discounts and intriguing perks. They can also show their support by sharing the campaign with their social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). For further information on this amazing project and to claim your perk, visit our campaign here.

Source: MikaCycle




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