Recycler’s Talk: End-of-waste – Time to Move Forward

European recyclers have been calling for harmonized end-of-waste for many waste streams for a long time. The new Circular Economy Action Plan expressly calls for “Creating a well-functioning EU market for secondary raw materials” and lists as a priority action, the evaluation of “EU-wide end-of-waste criteria for certain waste streams based on monitoring Member States’ application”.

Behind this assessment lies the absolute need to go much faster in setting criteria at EU level, to define when waste ceases to be waste for priority streams. In order to invest in processes substituting extracted raw materials with raw materials from recycling, circular value chains need certainty.

This is all the more urgent that transitioning to a circular economy is a pre-requisite to Europe’s overarching goal of climate neutrality, embedded in the European Green Deal. Join the discussion on what is needed to harmonize end-of-waste criteria.

Keynote Interventions Emmanuel KATRAKIS, Secretary General of EuRIC Panel Discussion and Q&A from the audience Peter WESSMAN, Legal Officer, DG Environment, Waste Management and Secondary Materials Unit, European Commission Lars RAAHAUGE, Environment & Business Development, GENAN Sebastien RICARD, Director for sustainable development & public affairs, PAPREC Group Alex van GELDEREN, Advisor ELT Management, ETRMA Sara STIERNSTRÖM, Product and Market Developer, EasyMining – Part of Ragn-Sells Group Concluding remarks and policy recommendations Alicia GARCIA FRANCO, Vice President of EuRIC, Director General, Spanish Federation for Recovery and Recycling (FER)


The Recycler’s Talk has been recorded as part of the virtual expo eREC:




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