ACE announces increased recycling rate for beverage cartons

ACE, the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment, is pleased to announce that the recycling rate for beverage cartons in the EU28 [1] rose to 51 per cent in 2019. This represents a continued year-on-year increase in the EU beverage carton recycling rate.

“We are pleased that the steady annual increase of the recycling rate for beverage cartons in 2019 surpassed 50 per cent,” commented Annick Carpentier, Director General of ACE. “This is proof of our industry’s efforts and enhances the message that beverage cartons are recyclable and are being recycled at scale in Europe.”

Beverage cartons, made largely from renewable materials, contribute positively to a low carbon circular economy. The industry is driving beverage carton recycling across Europe, committed to efforts that support the increase of the recycling rate in all EU Member States. The industry calls on policymakers at the European and national levels to assure that beverage cartons are collected for recycling separately, and to support a collection target to ensure beverage cartons are collected for recycling.

“With an upcoming EU legislative agenda towards more sustainable packaging, the beverage carton is well positioned with a 51 per cent recycling rate. This is an opportunity to inform policy-makers at all levels that beverage cartons are a safe, circular and sustainable packaging solution with a low carbon footprint, and how the beverage carton you use at your table can be easily collected and recycled,” continued Ms. Carpentier.

[1] Data includes information from the United Kingdom, which at that time was still an EU Member State.

ACE to Partner with Politico Europe on Upcoming Virtual Event

On November 25th from 2-3 PM CET, in partnership with Politico Europe, ACE will be presenting a virtual event, “Will the EU be ready for all packaging to be sustainable by 2030?” The panel will be moderated by Politico’s sustainability reporter Eline Schaart and will feature:

  • Florika Fink-Hooijer, Director General for DG Environment, European Commission
  • Jan Huitema (Renew Europe, Netherlands), Rapporteur for the ENVI Committee on the Circular Economy Action Plan
  • Jane Muncke, Managing Director, Food Packaging Forum
  • Heike Schiffler, Vice President Sustainability Europe and Central Asia, Tetra Pak

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion to share your ideas, thoughts, and questions. We invite you to register here.

Source: ACE – The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment




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