Collect & Compact – PET bottle collecting system with manual press

For decentralized collection. For a reasonable logistics. For higher collection rates.

Collect & Compact is a collection system for empty PET bottles, with a manual press at its core. It enables the operator to compress a PET bottle during insertion. The ease with which operators can compact even closed bottles is fascinating.

Made of high-quality stainless steel and independent of the mains supply, Collect & Compact can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Operation is simple and intuitive: press the lever upwards, insert the empty bottle, press the lever downwards. When the lever is moved downwards, the bottle is perforated and pressed and falls directly into the collecting container below. To protect the operator, Collect & Compact is equipped with a protective shield which closes and locks the press during the pressing process. At the end of the pressing process, the protective shield remains closed so that rain or snow cannot penetrate the container, nor can odours escape.

The press is combined with a lockable housing in system design, whose size can be individually adapted to the locally used waste containers. Alternatively, a plastic bag can be put into the housing. On request the surfaces of the collection container can be individually designed according to customer specifications.

TESWIC has succeeded in combining a robust product with high functionality and an attractive design. During the pressing process, each bottle is perforated. Collection vehicles with integrated press can compact them even further. In the downstream recycling process the bottles can be pressed directly into bales without any further perforation.

Due to its compact design, the press unit can also be put on top of the feeding opening of underfloor systems.

In view of the specifications on the separate collection of plastic bottles adopted by the EU in May 2019, Collect & Compact offers the possibility of collecting PET bottles in a decentralized but logistically sensible manner.

The company TESWIC Technologies Sigrid Waibel was founded in Überlingen on Lake Constance in 2019. The aim of the company is to develop technical solutions that help protect the environment.

Source: TESWIC Technologies Sigrid Waibel




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