Nihot launches new SDX windshifter at IFAT 2018 in Munich

Nihot Recycling Technology B.V. has announced the launch of the SDX windshifter, specially designed for RDF/SRF installations as the ultimate separation solution for realizing premium protection of the secondary shredders at the lowest cost per ton.

The new SDX windshifter employs industry-leading negative pressure technology to remove inert materials from the waste stream for the protection of secondary shredders. “Nihot has many years of experience with windshifters in RDF/SRF applications,” said Nihot Sales and Marketing Director Joep Barenbrug. “With our proven SDS-type windshifter, we have numerous operational references worldwide where secondary shredders are extremely well protected by the highly efficient removal of contaminants. Our separation efficiency ensures perfect quality of RDF and SRF material. The more versatile SDS-type windshifter is ideal for all sorts of separation purposes and is used in many types of waste streams such as biomass, ASR, glass, C&D, C&I, packaging waste, etc.”

Available in two standard models

The new SDX windshifter is dedicated for RDF/SRF installations only and available in two standard models: the SDX 1000 and the SDX 1400. “For RDF/SRF applications, we listened to our customers to determine which requirements are demanded from an ideal heavy particle separator,” continued Barenbrug. “It is our great pleasure to launch the SDX to specifically address those needs. Thanks to our significant R&D efforts, we have succeeded in introducing the SDX which is fully featured as the ultimate RDF/SRF heavy particle separator. The SDX is characterized by its simplicity with a well thought-out design. This results in an economically priced heavy particle separator with a quick delivery time and quick assembly on site. And combined with our well-known separation efficiency, this means premium protection of the secondary shredders at the lowest cost per ton.”

The SDX windshifter will be launched at IFAT and visitors are more than welcome to visit Nihot at Hall B5, Booth 317/416. The booth will feature state-of-the-art separation solutions, including Screen, Windshifter, Optical, the Max-AI AQC and the recently launched Max-AI VIS (Visual Identification System).

Source: Nihot Recycling Technology B.V.





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