Tiger Depack by Cesaro Mac. Import: Designed to remove all types of packaging

Product manager Adrea Piccioni answered questions from GLOBAL RECYCLING. According to Cesaro Mac. Import, 2018 will be the “year of the Tiger”, when your company announced, that it will present a new Tiger Depack product range at IFAT. Which new features do these models offer?

IFAT, the leading European event dedicated to the waste industry, is bringing radical changes to Cesaro Mac. Import this year. As a matter of fact, the Tiger HS 640 has become a separate brand to the Tiger Depack with a complete product line and many other fields of use. Up until last year, Tiger was a single, highly performative piece of machinery, used mainly for depackaging and optimizing the organic waste cycle at biogas production installations. Over the last ten years the market’s needs have expanded and evolved, and Cesaro Mac. Import has decided to change its approach by creating a new brand: Tiger Depack (from “depackaging”, which is the main use of this machinery).




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