17th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2018 will start soon

Birrwil, Switzerland — The 17th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2018 will soon start in Salzburg, Austria. IERC 2018 is considered as the recycling industry’s most important event. From January 17th to 19th, the congress will bring together over 500 international experts like producers, recyclers, equipment manufacturers, recycling associations, standards bodies, refurbishers, NGOs, regulators and many more.

The topics range from challenges of the circular economy, worldwide take-back schemes, quotas and challenges faced by OEMs, the role of recycling in the achievement of the sustainable development goalsand recycling of critical raw materials to recycling of renewable energy equipment, innovation in recycling technologies and answers to the question: How do countries and electronics manufacturing companies close the recycling loop? The congress will present country reports, safety standards for transportation, data security in reuse & refurbishment and business opportunities and models in emerging markets.

The program also speeches from David McWilliams, one of the most influential economists, and Prof. Jinhui Li, the very well-known expert of Chinese Circular Economy, and other powerful speakers: A large exhibition area with over 60 booths provides the perfect opportunity to reach key industry decision makers and to find out what’s new in the global electronics recycling business. Cocktail receptions and a networking dinner create an excellent atmosphere to get in touch with business partners, friends and competitors.

Furthermore, the congress will offer three interesting plant tours and two workshops on „Lithium Batteries Transport & Safety Issues“ and “WEEE Recycling Prospects – State-of-the-Art Data on Stocks and Flows of (Waste) Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Components and Materials in the Urban Mine”.

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Source: ICM AG




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