Waste water valorisation wins Membrane Engineering Award

Abaynesh Yihdego Gebreyohannes has been awarded the 2018 Excellence Award in Membrane Engineering, which is jointly awarded by the Section on Membrane Engineering of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and the European Membrane Society (EMS). The Researcher receives the prize at Euromembrane 2018 Conference.  

The Award recognizes an outstanding PhD thesis in the field of membrane engineering. The judges praised Gebreyohannes’ work on integrated membrane process for valorization of waste water for its breadth and scientific impact which provides a better insight into the processes around waste water valorization. The PhD work covered a broad area, including hydrodynamic and kinetic characterization of bioreactors, study of fouling phenomena, membrane preparation (including the use of magnetic/super-paramagnetic properties) and characterization, bio-hybridization for tackling fouling, the study of forward osmosis and the recovery of high added value compounds from wastewater.

Abaynesh Yihdego Gebreyohannes (Source: EFCE)

Gebreyohannes is a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven in Belgium. An Ethiopian national, she completed her PhD under the Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering (EUDIME) programme, which saw her study at the University of Calabria, Italy, KU Leuven, Belguim and University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III, France. She will receive a EUR 1500 prize and paid-for travel to receive the award, which will be presented at the Euromembrane 2018 Conference in Valencia, Spain from 9 to 13 July 2018.

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About EFCE 

Founded in 1953, The European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) is a non-profit-making association, whose object is to promote co-operation in Europe between non-profit-making professional scientific and technical societies in 30 countries for the general advancement of chemical engineering and as a means of furthering the development of chemical engineering.

Source: EFCE





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