Recolight criticises Environment Agency`s WEEE charging announcement

Croydon, UK — Recolight, the leading UK WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, has criticised a decision by the Environment Agency (EA) to significantly increase WEEE charges. Following a consultation, the EA has announced that some annual WEEE charges they levy on producers would more than triple in 2019.

Current Environment Agency fees are £210 for companies with a turnover below £1m, and £445 for companies with a turnover above £1m. The Environment Agency announcement revealed that they will increase both these charges to £750 from January 2019.

Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey commented: “It is disappointing that the Environment Agency did not take on board comments made during the consultation process. This increase will be particularly difficult for small and medium sized companies.”

And he added: “The Environment Agency were presented with alternative, fully costed funding options that would have limited the impact on businesses with a turnover below £1m. These alternatives would have spread the increase more fairly across the range of operators in the WEEE system. However, they were ignored, in favour of this excessively costly solution.”

The higher fees will only apply to producers based in England. Fees for those businesses registered in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland remain unchanged.

Source: Recolight Ltd.




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