Rewarding quality recycling: Eurometaux releases Call for Action to EU Policy Makers

Source: Eurometaux

Brussels — The EU should reward high quality recycling, implement robust and coherent lifecycle methodologies, develop sound indicators for resource efficiency and support industry’s innovation capacity. These four claims for incentivising sustainable resource management and as contribution to a circular economy are released by Eurometaux regarding „Metals for an Industrial Renaissance: Eurometaux’s Call for Action to EU Policy Makers“.

Although demand for metals continues to grow worldwide, the competitiveness gap faced by European industry has continued to widen compared with the rest of the world, in particular due to high regulatory and energy costs. In global markets where prices are set globally, these extra costs cannot be passed onto customers, instead weakening the competitive position of metals companies operating in Europe.

As a first step to encourage collaboration between Europe’s policy makers and industry frontrunners to address this situation, Eurometaux’s Call for Action recommends four areas where new EU policy makers can take action to strengthen the recovery of Europe’s non-ferrous metals industry, and to facilitate our contribution to a sustainable society.

As an European association, Eurometaux constitutes the interface between the European non-ferrous metals industry and the European authorities and international or intergovernmental bodies.

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Source: Eurometaux