400 EoL-vehicles for shredder tests: ARN forecasts 2015 to be an „exciting year“

ARN demonstating its obligation of recycling 95 percent ELVs (Foto: ARN)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — Car recycler ARN forecasts a busy year. From 1 January 2015 onwards, ARN must be able to demonstrate that it can achieve the new recycling target of at least 95 percent, divided into at least 85 percent reuse and 10 percent useful application. In addition, the car dismantling companies affiliated to ARN have halted dismantling glass and large plastic parts. To demonstrate that ARN can still achieve the new statutory target, in this new situation, the company is currently organising shredder tests.

According to ARN consultant Marlies Meijer, 2015 will be „an exciting year, in which the 95 percent recycling target becomes a definitive statutory obligation. To demonstrate that the sector can achieve this target, ARN will be organising three shredder tests over the next year. A total of four hundred end-of-life vehicles are needed for each test. The vehicles will be carefully selected on the basis of age and weight, in order to gain a representative picture of the end-of-life vehicles that are recycled in the course of a whole year. We will check each end-of-life vehicle individually for the presence of such items as bumpers, glass and chairs. It is good to see that we have been able to work in close harmony with all market parties, including the shredder companies and car dismantling companies, in meeting the deadline.“

On the basis of the current legislation, importers are responsible for recycling the end-of-life vehicles. The government has imposed a duty of information according to which car importers are required to demonstrate that they comply with all the requirements in this area. All members of the RAI Association have a contract with ARN to do this work on their behalf. There are also importers that are not affiliated to the RAI Association. In that respect, ARN is delighted that in 2014 the company managed to affiliate a further eight new importers to ARN, including newcomer Tesla.

As Marlies Meijer added, „ARN is collaborating solidly with all chain partners on car recycling as it is at present, but we certainly also have an eye for the future. One of the developments we are closely monitoring is the growing number of electrical and hybrid cars. These new arrivals of course have consequences for anyone involved in the dismantling and recycling of the cars.“

Source: ARN