EAA: Swift action needed to deliver ambitious EU Circular Economy Package

Source: European Aluminium Association

Brussels — In response to the withdrawal of the European Commission’s proposals for a Circular Economy Package under President Juncker’s Work Programme 2015, Director-General of the European Aluminium Association (EAA) issues a statement.

It runs as follows: “Robust EU waste legislation is both an environmental and economic imperative for Europe. The withdrawal of the Circular Economy Package must be swiftly followed by a new, ambitious and simplified proposal if we are to build on progress already made by the Parliament and Member States this year. In particular, the European Commission should support better recycling definitions and link these to realistic targets while designing measures to maximise each step in the recycling value chain. Improved collection schemes, support to innovative sorting technologies, and a ban on post-consumer recyclable waste are all of central importance here”, commented EAA Director-General Gerd Götz.

“Smart waste legislation will enable our industry to meet growing demand for aluminium by increasing our access to scrap metal, allowing us to produce more with less energy and thus at a lower cost. The EU now has a real opportunity to boost our industrial competitiveness, to reduce Europe’s reliance on raw materials and energy imports and to accelerate our transition to a truly sustainable economy in the long-term”, he added.

Source: European Aluminium Association