FEAD regrets legal uncertainty of the EU’s circular economy proposals

Source: FEAD

Brussels — From the very beginning of the process, FEAD, private waste management industry, supported the European Commission in its crucial role of revising the EU waste policy. FEAD members underlined the importance of the Commission’s Circular Economy Package for jobs, growth, and sustainable development in the European Union towards the members of the European Parliament and the new Commission.

Now the European Commission decided to withdraw the Circular Economy Package and replace it by a „more ambitious proposal by end 2015 to promote circular economy“.

FEAD Secretary General, Nadine De Greef: „It is reassuring to note that the Commission will consult the European Parliament and Council before formalizing the withdrawal“. The waste related proposals, a key corner-stone of the circular economy package, are ambitious. Hence, the wording used by the European Commission to make it „broader and more ambitious“ is to be interpreted as „to make it more circular“, thereby including missing economic and industrial aspects like eco-design or socalled „pull-measures“).

What is not reassuring is the legal uncertainty created by the Commission’s decision, says FEAD Secretary General, Nadine De Greef: „If our common goal is to create green growth and boost ecoinnovation, thereby creating many business opportunities and jobs, urgently required investments in modern waste management infrastructure by private waste companies may now be put on hold“.

FEAD President, David Palmer-Jones: „Progress towards a more circular economy in Europe is vital for jobs and growth as well as for resource efficiency and environmental protection. If the EU wants more ambition and economic focus on the Circular Economy package then I stand ready with FEAD to help the Commission.“

Source: European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD)