Recyclers look forward to a more ambitious Circular Economy Package

Source: Plastics Recyclers Europe

Brussels — PRE regrets the delay announced today for the EU’s Circular Economy Package. The European Commission unveiled its 2015 Work Programme today, during the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg, which withdraws the circular economy proposal.

“Today is an unfortunate day for sustainable growth in Europe.” said Ton Emans, PRE President. Emans added “A direct implementation of the Circular Economy would have enabled the creation of 120,000 jobs only in plastics recycling.”

Despite this delayed legislation Ton Emans underlined: “We look forward to the ‚more ambitious Circular Package‘ announced by Vice-President Timmermans today. The Commission must keep its word to make this revised proposal in a speedy manner. As underlined in the Commission’s Green paper on plastic waste, increased recycling in Europe will lead to a more sustainable and circular economy. ”

Source: Plastics Recyclers Europe