FEAD: No contradiction between Circular Economy and Better Regulation

Source: FEAD

Brussels — From the very beginning of the process, FEAD, private waste management industry, supported the European Commission in its crucial role of revising the EU waste policy. FEAD members underlined the importance of the Commission’s Circular Economy Package for jobs, growth, and sustainable development in the European Union towards the members of the European Parliament and the new Commission.

Now it seems that the European Commission is set to withdraw the Circular Economy Package, based on the EC’s argument that there is “no foreseeable agreement” on this dossier between Member States themselves, or between Member States and MEPs. This came as a surprise to FEAD members since based on all the exchanges they had with MEPs and Member States it looked like an agreement is feasible.

FEAD Secretary General, Nadine De Greef, underlines: “Various studies as well as the impact assessment accompanying the proposal suggest there is a huge potential for creating jobs and growth as well as environmental benefits if the proposal is implemented. FEAD is aware that some of the technical provisions in the Commission proposal need to be fine-tuned so as to make them practical and feasible. However, based on exchanges we had with MEPs and officials from the Member States, we consider that the proposal should be retained, with certain modifications to improve its effectiveness and facilitate an agreement by the majority of Member States.”

FEAD is very keen to work with the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the other European institutions to make the proposal as practical and effective as possible.

FEAD is the European federation representing the European waste management industry. FEAD’s members are national waste management associations covering the 18 Member States Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Estonia, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Ireland, Latvia, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Austria and Finland plus Norway and Serbia.

Source: Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD )