Industry groups calling for EU Circular Economy package to be retained

Subscribers of the letter

St Peters Gardens, UK — Responding to news that the EC Circular Economy Package looks set to be axed from the Commission’s Work Programme for 2015, CIWM has signed a joint letter from key sector bodies expressing dismay at the decision. The letter, which calls on the UK Government, through Defra Secretary of State Liz Truss, to express official support for the package, is signed by nine leading industry organisations.

While recognising the need for negotiation of the proposals in the package, the letter calls on the Secretary of State to urge upon the Commission „the importance of retaining the Circular Economy package for the long term benefit of Europe’s environment, economy and competitiveness.“

Steve Lee, CIWM’s chief executive, says: „Losing the Circular Economy package would result in a serious loss of momentum and could damage the long term prospects of the UK waste and resource sector and the wider economy. It is essential that we get this message across loud and clear to both the UK government and the European Commission.“

The letter says that there is a very broad consensus in Europe amongst industry groups and associations, major companies, NGOs and municipalities that the Circular Economy package offers huge potential for green job creation, resource security, environmental protection and economic growth.

Source: Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM)