Bollegraaf’s new APCP-system boosts bale weight up to 20 percent

APCP increases bale weight (Foto: Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery B.V.)

Appingedam, The Netherlands — Among other energy and cost saving systems for balers, the Dutch based baler manufacturer Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions now comes with a new electronic system which instantly increases bale weight with up to 20 percent, regardless of the material. At the same time, this system cuts operating cost in various ways. It is named APCP, or ‘ Adaptive Proportional Channel Press System’, so unique it may give new meaning to ‘smart baling’. APCP is available for Bollegraaf’s complete range of HBC balers.

APCP is an electronic control system, linked to Bollegraaf’s advanced B.I.O.S. operating system and engine frequency control. This system automatically optimizes channel pressures to make the heaviest and quickest bale on each grade, slippery or not. The truly unique feature behind APCP is its capacity to auto adjust and auto learn. Instead of only using a limited set of predefined settings, APCP constantly evaluates, adjusts and even ‘anticipates’ pressures over the entire baler system, making spike pressures for maximum bale weight obsolete. More than ever before, baling with APCP has become a matter of ‘choose and bale’; true smart baling.

Being able to produce up to 20 percent heavier bales in a quicker way on each grade, means saving time and an instant cost reduction of operation and far lower cost of further transportation per volume. For companies producing a few bales of every grade, APCP means frequent switching does no longer inflict bale quality; instead of adjustment challenges, any inconsistencies per material type are always constantly and correctly compensated, making a baler much more flexible to operate.

Also, Bollegraaf HBC balers supplied with an APCP system have already proven to operate at very low operating temperatures, meaning that no power is wasted. A valuable yet indirect effect of the APCP system is the remarkable smooth baling process, which greatly reduces wear and tear as well as noise pollution.

During the Pollutec show in Eurexpo Lyon (France), Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery B.V. will present an overview of their delivery program and innovations in hall 3 booth E308.

Source: Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery B.V.