0.1%: UK waste from households recycling rate for 2013 went up very slightly

Abfallcontainer (Foto: O. Kürth)

London, UK — New statistics on waste managed by local authorities in England show that the „waste from households“ recycling rate for the 2013 calendar year was 44.2 per cent. This is up very slightly on the 44.1 per cent achieved for 2012. It has increased from 43.3 per cent in 2011. The EU target for the UK to recycle lies at least 50 per cent of waste generated by households by 2020.

The rolling 12 month ‘waste from households’ recycling rate to end March 2014 was 44.5 per cent. This is slightly higher than the 2013 calendar year figure of 44.2 per cent, particularly influenced by organic recycling returning to more typical levels in January to March 2014 against a relatively low level in January to March 2013. In 2013 total ‘Waste from Households’ amounted to 403kg per person, a decrease of 2.0 per cent on 2012. Total ‘Waste from Households’ amounted to 21.6 million tonnes in 2013.

According to the figures,

  • local authority managed waste going to landfill has fallen by 62 percent since 2003/04 with continued steady year on year decreases and was 7.9 million tonnes in 2013/14.
  • Local authority managed waste going for incineration with energy recovery increased by 13 per cent to 6.2 million tonnes in 2013/14 on 2012/13 and has more than doubled since 2003/04 with steady increases each year.
  • Local authority managed waste recycled or composted in 2013/14 was 10.9 million tonnes, almost doubling since 2003/04. The proportion of all local authority managed waste recycled or composted in 2013/14 was nearly 43 per cent, an increase from 19 per cent in 2003/04 although increases in the last two years have been modest.

The full report can be downloaded under gov.uk.

Source: Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs