Israel: MoEP to fund national research center for full life cycle of materials

Source: Environment Ministry Israel

Jerusalem, Israel — The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP), State of Israel, has published a Request for Proposals for the establishment of a National Research Center for the Study of Materials, Waste, Recycling and Recovery. The center will be established by an Israeli research university. The MoEP will be accepting bids until June 2, 2014.

During formulation of Israel’s National Green Growth Program, knowledge gaps were identified in the general field of environmental technologies, and specifically regarding managing and evaluating the full life cycle of materials, waste treatment, recycling, and the generation of energy from waste. These are all issues that Israel has committed to, as part of its OECD accession process.

Thus, the MoEP will be funding a center focused on these issue. As it works on the responsible treatment and management of waste, Israel is also working on incentivizing the public to reduce consumption, and on raising awareness about reuse, the separation of waste into two streams (wet and dry), additional sorting of waste (if required), waste treatment, recycling (deemed more and more important as raw materials become less available and more expensive), and about generating waste from energy. Learn more about waste treatment in Israel.

Source: Ministry of Environmental Protection, State of Israel