Wales: 54.3 per cent of local authority municipal waste treated during 2013-14

Source: Welsh Government

Cardiff, Wales — New annual Statistical Bulletin presents final results for 2013-14 local authority municipal waste management. According to the figures, the percentage of local authority municipal waste (excluding abandoned vehicles) that was reused, recycled or composted in Wales has continued to increase since 2000-2001, with 54.3 per cent of waste reused /recycled /composted during 2013-14 under the new definition that came into force on 1 April 2012 .

Other key figures show that during 2013-2014, 18 of the 22 local authorities in Wales met or exceeded the statutory reuse /recycling /composting target of 52 per cent. The total amount of local authority municipal waste (excluding abandoned vehicles) generated in Wales has generally fallen since its peak in 2004-2005. However, the 1.56 million tonnes generated in 2013-14 was slightly higher than 2012-2013, due to an increase in non-household waste generated.

The amount of residual waste generated continued to fall, with 0.6 million tonnes (38 per cent) disposed of via landfill or other methods of disposal/treatment during 2013-2014.

In its current waste strategy “Towards Zero Waste”, the Welsh Government set statutory targets of recycling 52 per cent of waste by 2012-2013 and 70 per cent of waste by 2024-2025.

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Source: Welsh Government