2 million kilograms: Canadians recycled more batteries than ever before

Source: Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.

Toronto, Canada — More and more Canadians understand the importance of recycling their batteries, as proven by Call2Recycle Canada, Inc., Canada’s national consumer battery recycling program. Now the organization announced it reached a milestone, collecting and recycling over 2 million kilograms of batteries across Canada. Canadians have recycled more batteries in the first 10 months of this year than in all of 2013. This significant achievement illustrates that Canadians not only understand the importance of battery recycling, but are taking action.

„Thanks to the efforts of Canadians who  have committed to do the right thing with their batteries, we all share in celebrating this exciting milestone,“ said Joe Zenobio, Executive Director of Call2Recycle Canada. „Working together with our collection partners and the public, we are confident we can continue to advance battery recycling efforts across Canada.“

Call2Recycle Canada is the approved battery stewardship program in Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia, where increased collections have significantly contributed to this national milestone. These three provinces have already exceeded their total 2013 collections with two months still remaining in the calendar year.

  • Quebec has collected over 950,000 kilograms through its network of over 2,000 collection sites.
  • British Columbia has collected more than 420,000 kilograms through its network of over 1,600 collection sites.
  • Manitoba has collected almost 60,000 kilograms through its network of over 400 collection sites.

With ninety-one per cent of Canadians living within 15 kilometers of a Call2Recycle drop-off location, which accepts both rechargeable and primary batteries, battery recycling has become increasingly easy and convenient. The widespread Call2Recycle network offers over 7,000 collection sites across Canada including several national retailers. The collection network also includes government buildings and municipal depots.

Call2Recycle Canada is funded by battery and battery-powered product manufacturers to manage the safe collection and recycling of batteries. The stewardship organization has a proven track record of delivering environmentally-sound product stewardship for battery recycling and providing a simple process for all those involved – from consumers, collectors and transporters, to sorters and processors.

Source: Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. / PR Newswire