EcoPaperLoop Conference: How to improve paper collection and recyclability

Source: EcoPaperLoop

Munich, Germany — What was called waste paper earlier is no waste: Unmixed overprint, unsold newspaper and magazines or other forms of used paper free of contaminants never become waste. Improving the quality of paper for recycling is the target of the EcoPaperLoop project that will run until the end of 2014. At the final conference in Krakow on December 2nd, the participating institutions will present the achievements that have been made so far. The EcoPaperLoop project is co-funded by the European Union/European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the local project partners.

Communicating the advantages of paper is one of the goals – and using paper and board products themselves to transport messages is one of the options to be presented to the producers: „I’ll be back, says the newspaper, to bring more news to you next week.“ And „I’ll be back, says the carton, to protect precious electronics being shipped to you next month“.

As an introduction to the conference, Katarzyna Godlewska from the Association of Polish Papermakers (SPP) will talk about „The waste collection in Poland – problems with the quality of paper for recycling“. Another target of the EcoPaperLoop project is the „Assessment of paper based products’ recyclability“. Dr. Hans Putz of Darmstadt Technical University will present the new testing method that has been developed to evaluate the content of adhesives and unrecyclable materials in packaging.

The conference will take place at the Krakow Galaxy Hotel. All members of the paper chain are welcome; participation is free of charge. More details, the full program and the registration can be found on the EcoPaperLoop website.

Source: EcoPaperLoop