Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games medals to include recycled metal

Medals (Foto: ©Stefanie Hofschlaeger /

Brazilian Mint will produce nearly 5,000 medals using gold, silver, bronze and metal derived from recycled electronic equipment. Having become an official supplier of Rio 2016, the company has committed to producing 4,924 award medals and 75,000 participation medals for the first edition of the Games to be staged in South America.

Made of gold, silver and bronze, the award medals will also include metal derived from recycled electronic equipment, illustrating Rio 2016’s commitment to sustainability. Conceived by the Rio 2016 design team, the medals will be developed by designers at the Brazilian Mint.

“The medals are one of the most important symbols of the Games and we are very pleased that we can count on the Brazilian Mint as our partner in this unique moment in the history of the Brazilian sport,” said Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman.

The Brazilian Mint also produced the award medals for the 2011 Military World Games and 2007 Pan-American Games, which were both held in Rio de Janeiro. For Rio 2016, it will produce the medals, medal ribbons, award diplomas, certificates of authenticity, participation and commemorative certificates, as well as the commemorative medals, which are special collectors’ items.

Source: Rio 2016™