Northern Ireland: LA recycled and composted more waste than sent to landfill

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Belfast, Northern Ireland — New statistics for the second quarter of 2014/15 show that, for the first time, local authorities (LAs) in Northern Ireland sent more waste for recycling and composting than they did to landfill.

In April to June 2014, there were 114,546 tonnes of Local Authority Collected (LAC) municipal waste sent for recycling (including composting). The percentage of LAC municipal waste sent for recycling was 21.8 per cent, and the percentage sent for composting was 22.7 per cent. The total proportion of LAC municipal waste sent for recycling and composting during this quarter was 44.5 per cent.  This was an improvement of 2.4 percentage points on the April to June 2013 rate of 42.1 per cent.

The tonnage of LAC municipal waste going to landfill has fallen to 105,470, a decrease of 10.3 per cent on the same quarter last year when 117,634 tonnes were landfilled. The percentage of LAC municipal waste sent to landfill in the current quarter was 40.9 per cent.  This was 7.8 percentage points lower than that for April to June 2013 (48.7 per cent).

During this quarter, there were 257,614 tonnes of waste collected.  Of this, 88.0 per cent was household waste and 12.0 per cent was non household waste. The total amount of LAC municipal waste arisings has increased by 6.7 per cent compared with April to June 2013 (241,381 tonnes).  This can be observed in both the household and non household elements, with these both also showing increases of 6.7 per cent (from 212,332 tonnes of household waste arisings in April to June 2013 to 226,618 tonnes in the current quarter and from 29,049 tonnes of non household waste arisings last year to 30,997 this year).

The full provisional „Northern Ireland Local Authority Collected Municipal Waste Management Statistics: April – June 2014“ can be downloaded from

Source: Department of the Environment / Northern Ireland Environment  Agency